Five Day Film School


The 2016 Five Day Film School was intended for adults of any age. No previous filmmaking experience was necessary.

It was held for five full days. Professional instructors supported by volunteers taught the fundamentals of filmmaking to adults in a group of  four, using equipment provided by the Film Society.

The group, under the full time guidance of a professional filmmaker, wrote, filmed, and edited a short film over the week. Hands-on experience was provided in screenwriting, storyboarding, acting, directing, cinematography and editing. On Friday evening students and their families and friends watched the completed film. The completed film was also be shown at the Society’s Film Festival in November.

To view the film, Wish Fish, click HERE

There were four major areas of focus:

Writing:         The principles for developing stories for film and for screenwriting

Directing:      Identifying and developing shots and scenes, including using story boards

Filming:         Blocking, filming motion, following the action and recording sound

Editing:          The mechanics and the art of editing shots and scenes

The cost for the 2016 school was $350.00 per person.

For more information, please email  or call (609) 326-3378.