Teen Film Camp 2014

The 2014 Film Camp was held at the Cape May City Elementary School, from June 23-27. Four professional instructors supported by four full time volunteers taught seventeen teenagers the fundamentals of filmmaking. Students were divided into four groups, each with its own instructor. Each group wrote, filmed and edited a short film. Hands-on experience was provided in screenwriting, storyboarding, acting, directing, cinematography and editing. On Friday evening the students and their families and friends watched the completed films. About 100 people attended and complimented the camp and the finished films.

To be sure the students were prepared for camp, in 2014 the Film Society developed a ten-page reference document on the basics of filmmaking that was sent to each student before camp. During camp, the film The Sandlot was used as a teaching tool, so each student was sent a copy to watch before coming.

Click below to see the films we made.  


Click Here to see “Washed Up”


Click Here to see “Absent” 


Click Here to see “No Time For Friends”


Click Here to see “Under The Boardwalk