2019 Film Festival


2019 Film Festival – Shorts at the Shore!
Saturday, April 27 from 9:30am-10pm at West Cape May Borough Hall.

This year the Cape May Film Festival featured short films from independent filmmakers!

Breakfast – 9:30am

Saturday, 11:00am
Festival of Short Films I
Stefan Prosky, Curator

Freight (Sava Zivkovic, 5min.)
A story of weight within us.

Albert in Blunderland (John Sutherland, 9min.)
Animated critique of New Deal–type liberalism. In a dream, “Albert,” a worker in a statist economy, is forced to watch a state-sponsored “free movie” on national planning. On awakening, he is convinced of the failings of excessive government control. From the National Screening Room, a large collection of films freely available for download at the Library of Congress.


Of The Nymphs (Liz Waldie, 9min.)A performance artist expresses herself in a poetic study of movement, body, and life.

Becoming (Jan van IJken, 6min.)
In great microscopic detail, we see the ‘making of’ an Alpine Newt in its transparent egg from the first cell division to hatching. A single cell is transformed into a complete, complex living organism with a beating heart and running bloodstream.

The Trade Off
(Paige Compton, 5min.)
Things can turn quietly as they can certainly.

Cosmic Shells of Time (Henry Reich & Dr.Katie Mack, 3min.)
A Twitter thread-inspired video poem from Minute Physics.

Showtime (Shawn Antoine II, 16min.)
Darius and Hakeem dance on New York City trains to earn honest money and escape the crime-riddled streets of Harlem. A woman sees Darius dancing on the train and offers him an opportunity to audition for a Juilliard travel dance team.

La Garett Flanante (Rich Law, 9min.)
Incredible creations by Jerry!


Saturday, 2:00pm
Festival of Short Films II
Stefan Prosky, Curator

Rocks (Vin Gagliardi, 11min.)
A lonely geologist finds companionship in the form of a rock worshipping cult.

The Pond (Stefan Prosky, 2min.)
A 2d animation of a large abstract oil panting by my wife Tati Kaupp. Original music by director, made with a tenori-on.

Monarch Butterfly (Clyde Baldo, 17min.)
What would you do and how far would you go to keep a loved one?

Where Movies Get Their Vintage Electronics (Raul Alexander Marrero, 4min.)
Have you ever watched a show like Mad Men and wondered where they found those early Xerox machines? Well, there’s a good chance these historically-accurate gadgets came from a massive warehouse in Brooklyn with a specific mission:  to preserve some of the world’s oldest, most cherished electronics.


Death and ….. (Stefan Prosky, 1min.)
Short film about an artrobot that moves and acts out some very human feelings.

Son of Blackbeard (Thomas Verdi, 15min.)
Somehow the pirate Blackbeard exists in the modern world and has a twenty-something-year-old son who parties through life, coasting on his father’s accomplishments and failing to live up to his expectations—until his menacing father raises the stakes.

Saturday, 3:15pm
Special Feature
Stefan Prosky, Curator

Float (Phil Kibbe, 80min.)
In the ultra-competitive sport of elite, stunningly-designed indoor model airplanes, a wild-card newcomer threatens to knock a teammate off his world champion throne.

Imagine traveling halfway across the world, descending over 400 feet underground in a tiny elevator, and spending nearly a week in the vast, cathedral-like salt mines under Romania to compete in the most elite airplane contest on the planet. Officially known as the “F1D World Championships”, pilots representing over 12 countries attempt to keep their plane flying as long as possible.

After devoting years of time into construction and practice for no material reward, glory becomes their primary incentive. Like any competition, cheating and controversy are an integral part of the sport. Float follows the tumultuous journey of Brett Sanborn and Yuan Kang Lee, two American competitors as they prepare for and compete at the World Championships. With an emphasis on the sheer hypnotic beauty of this sport, the film unfolds with the same graceful pace as the flight of one of the planes itself.

Dinner Break
2018 Film Camp Shorts – 7pm
Plant A Tree With Me 
15 minute break 
Film Festival Curator Award presented by Stefan Prosky
Festival Feature – Decoding the Driftless – 8pm